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    Sharon Sheenan

    I am a foreign national and my son is a student at Imperial College London, where he was asked to pay a deposit prior to his arrival at University. After paying it, he also received a full sponsorship, which meant that the deposit had to be refunded. The University's practice is to refund to the same account where the funds originally came from, however this would have been very impractical and expensive in our case. Namely, the deposit was payed from my bank account overseas, but I wanted that money to be transferred to my son's account in the UK. Instead of having it sent back and forward, incurring large transfer fees, I asked for an exception to be made in our case. Ms Sharon Sheehan promptly responded to my request, especially considering their office is extremely busy in this time of year. She had complete understanding of the situation and advised on how to proceed within all College regulations and procedures. The correspondence was very quick, she was always very kind, and the request was fulfilled shortly after making it. I was amazed with her help, as it is rare to find someone so understanding and willing to go out of their way, and be so polite on top of that.

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