Recent Nomination

    Niamh e Gordon

    I had a recurring problem with my shower drain at halls, and I contacted the staff about it after 5PM. I expected to receive help at the end of April along with the scheduled shower drain maintenance. However, Niamh turned up just 50 minutes later with a smile and a funny remark, "I came to fix your shower man!".

    She was very friendly when coming over and also willing to chat, as I like chatting. At the end of it all, she understood and respected that I may have had things to do and gently left me - with a fixed shower drain! Moreover, so far it looks like the issue will no longer be recurring. She totally WOW'ed me as I didn't expect such service and interaction for a shower maintenance issue, so I believe Niamh should receive the award and I wish her the best in her future endeavours!

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